Tips to Make the Best Fried Rice

By First Posted: Sep 23, 2019 Mon 5:11 AM Updated: Aug 18, 2020 Tue 8:06 PM
Tips to Make the Best Fried Rice
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Ever tried to make fried rice for your kids, only to have them not eat it coz it's not really like the Chinese Fried Rice they love?

Very often, our attempts at this very popular dish turn out to be too lumpy and over cooked or lack flavour. So today we bring you tips on how to make the best fried rice every time!

Tips to Make the Best Fried Rice

1. Always use cold rice. If making fried rice, always use leftover rice from the fridge. If you use freshly cooked rice, it will turn too soggy and lumpy.

2. Use at least 3-4 vegetables to add flavour. Carrots, green beans, green onions and cabbage are most popular. But if you want variety, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach are great too!

3. Get your seasoning right. Soy sauce is high in sodium, so adjust the salt accordingly. Do not miss out on the green chilly sauce because it does add to the flavour!

4. If using eggs, scramble them in a separate pan before adding to your rice.

5. Green onions are more flavourful than the regular red/yellow onions. So use those in this dish, and use the green stalks for garnishing and extra flavour.

6. Ginger and garlic are really very important ingredients in this dish. Be generous while adding garlic/ginger.

With these tips, your fried rice should turn out to be a hit! Do try and let us know if these tips helped.


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