5 Reasons to Love Cucumbers

By First Posted: Sep 13, 2019 Fri 8:49 AM
5 Reasons to Love Cucumbers
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Cucumbers have been a staple salad item in our country for many decades. No matter what age you are, what you weight or body type might be, cucumbers are a food item that everyone loves...once they try! If you have not yet fallen in love with cucumbers, here are 5 motivations for you to try...

Benefits of Cucumbers

1. Dieter's best friend - Cucumber is said to be a negative calorie food, it takes more energy to burn it down in your body than the calories this food has! Eat as much as you can.

2. Cool and Hydrating - Cucumbers are a great food item to enjoy in the summers because of high water content.

3. Versatile - Cucumbers are not just salad. You can turn them into a soup, a raita, or even a sandwich!

4. Nutritious - Cucumbers are high in anti-oxidant content and also high in fibre. So they improve your immunity and also help with stomach problems.

5. Friend for Diabetics - Regular consumption is linked with lower blood sugar. They help in weight loss and also in maintaining blood sugar levels.

With so many benefits, cucumbers are certainly great!

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