Would You Like to See Karan Deol in Sunny Deol Remakes?

By First Posted: Sep 11, 2019 Wed 7:58 AM
Would You Like to See Karan Deol in Sunny Deol Remakes?
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Sunny Deol is known for some iconic films and characters. From his dhai kilo ka haath to the handpump scene in Gadar, Sunny has left us with many memorable moments from his films. Wouldn't it be great if all these iconic films could be remade, with his son Karan Deol in the lead?

Apparently not! Sunny Deol does not want his son to play any of his characters in remakes. In fact, he does not believe in remakes! In his own words, "I would not like to see my son in any such roles... Those films were made at a time that was different from the present. People still remember me for those roles. If you do the same thing with any other actor and set it in a different atmosphere, then it will not be easy to justify it."

That is actually very good reasoning! Sunny also talks about the huge expectations people will have from his son, He says, "Being an actor's son, obviously everybody will look at him (Karan) keeping in mind his grandfather, his father and his uncle. We can't remove that from people's minds. The younger generation, who is our target audience, may not know us well and view Karan in a different way. There is no solution to it. I can't stop them (the audience) from doing so. This is the reality and he (Karan) has to face it. He has to go through it. If he can create his space with his talent, they will stop identifying him only as Sunny Deol's son."

Changed your mind about those remakes, eh?

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