Tips to Clean Your Pillows and Cushions

By First Posted: Sep 5, 2019 Thu 8:18 AM Updated: Aug 4, 2020 Tue 7:02 PM
Tips to Clean Your Pillows and Cushions
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It is important to keep your house neat and tidy. One of the important parts of keeping a clean home is the beddings and pillows. We all wash pillow and cushion covers. But what about the pillows and cushions themselves? Do you have dirty pillows full of dirt, stains and bacteria under those covers? Do you own any of those newer lovely cushions that come without any covers?

Here are a few tips on how to keep cushions and pillows clean.

- If your pillows/cushions are filled with feathers or down, you can just wash them in the washing machine. 

- Make sure you work on removing stains before washing your pillows.

- To remove stains, rub baking soda with a little brush on the stain. Then pour a little detergent on it and continue to rub. Toss in the machine for a wash now.

- If your pillows/cushions are filled with foam, do not bother to wash them. Use a vaccum cleaner to get rid of any dust. Work on stains if there are any.

If your pillows do not bounce back into the same shape as before after washing, perhaps it is time to get new ones!

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