What is Carb Timing, and Does it Work?

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2019 Wed 1:01 PM
What is Carb Timing, and Does it Work?
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Carb timing is a subgroup of nutrient timing, which can be assumed as the pivotal and directed intake of nutrients to favorably affect the adaptive response to acute and chronic exercise.

Many people contemplate carbs an important part of a balanced diet, while others believe that they should be limited entirely. You may wonder whether timing matters when it comes to eating carbs. As per latest research, carb intake timing is essential for certain group of people.

Carbs can play an important role in many health and fitness goals. Athletes and people who work-out multiple times a day may improve their performance by eating carbs before a workout and speed up recovery by eating them afterward. Still, for the average person, timing seems to be less important than choosing high-quality, complex carbs and watching your total calorie intake.

Eating carbs at certain stretches does not appear to improve weight loss on low-calorie or ketogenic diets. However, timing carb intake after workouts can benefit athletes and people who exercise heavily.

Eating sufficient amounts of healthy complex carbs throughout the day is more important for building muscle than timing.


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