Is It Okay to Feed Your Pet Dog Human Food?

By First Posted: Aug 23, 2019 Fri 1:54 PM
Is It Okay to Feed Your Pet Dog Human Food?
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If you are a dog lover and have a pet dog of your own, you would know what your pet dog desire and what to feed them. In general days, we do feed human foods to our pet dogs, but we are not sure if they are good for our pet or not.

There are certain human food items that are not good for your pet and some does not make much difference to the health of your pet dog.

While the food you are sharing with your dog may not precisely be considered harmful to its health, it will slowly trigger adverse side effects— physically, behaviorally, and socially.

Most of the foods that are good for us humans are also good for our dogs, and the opposite is true too. In other words, do feed your pet dog lean meats, and vegetables. Don’t give your dog grains or empty your leftover lasagna, rolls, or fries into your dog’s bowl. The jumble food that is bad for us humans is also bad for our dogs.

If you want to shift to an entirely homemade diet for your pet dog, always consult your vet first and then look for recipes online, or follow your preferred raw balanced feeders to give the correct nutrition to your pet.


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