Do You Have an Egg Allergy?

By First Posted: Aug 21, 2019 Wed 7:38 AM
Do You Have an Egg Allergy?
Image Credit: Allergies and Health

Have you ever been tested for allergies? Even though food allergies are not very common in our country, egg allergy is an exception. Little children often complain of stomach ache after eating eggs, is that an allergy? Or is an egg allergy something different?

Egg allergies are most common in children and not so common in adults. The reason is that it is an allergy that the body grows out of as one grows older. Stomach ache is not usually considered allergy. If your child has a respiratory, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal reaction to eggs, that is an egg allergy. One common symptom of an egg allergy in children is the onset of Hives.

Egg allergies are quite common so it is important for parents to know everything abou them! 

To avoid a reaction, give your children baked eggs only. When egg is baked with flour in the form of cake, muffins and cookies, the chemical makeup of proteins changes and the body does not react to them. But eggs eaten raw, soft boiled or cooked as pancakes fails to do this and the body reacts to these food items.

If your child is allergic to eggs, you must read every single food item label that comes into your home. Food manufacturers seak eggs into so many foods that you might not even be aware of! So be careful when you buy food products if your child is allergic to eggs!

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