PM Modi Was Calm, Report Bear Grylls

By First Posted: Aug 11, 2019 Sun 1:32 AM
PM Modi Was Calm, Report Bear Grylls
Image Credit: India Today

PM Modi is a huge part of our lives, he has influenced us all in many ways, leading to heated debates all across the country. He is the reason why young India is taking an active interest in social work and politics. You have seen him in many avtars, but this is something you have never seen him doing before!

Gear up to watch PM Modi and Bear Grylls in Mn Vs. Wild on Discovery India channel. The episode will show PM Modi and Bear Grylls hike throgh the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Modi ji will row a boat, walk through torrential rain and violent weather, be surrounded by the wild sounds of jungle and so on. But as Bear has reported, PM Modi was very calm all through. Here is what Bear says, "I think often you see politicians behind a podium looking smart in a suit. But the wild is a great leveller, it doesn't care who you are.  It rewards commitment and courage, you got to work together. We got hit by some really big stones and torrential rain whilst we were there. Our team, who was filming, was really on the edge, but the Prime Minister was just very calm and I saw that throughout our journey. Whatever we were doing, he was very calm. That was cool to see. You never really know what someone is like until there's a crisis. It was good to be reminded that as a world leader, Prime Minister Modi is calm in a crisis."

Impressive, eh?

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