Should You Eat Curd at Night?

By First Posted: Aug 8, 2019 Thu 7:58 AM
Should You Eat Curd at Night?
Image Credit: Harini and Harsha

Curd is an integral part of the Indian diet. We eat it with our sabzi roti, we eat it with rice, we make raita out of it, we even drink it as lassi or chaach. The best thing is that dahi is really great for the health. It provides Calcium and improves healthy gut bacteria. So it improves digestion and even helps with immunity.

But you must have often heard some people say that we should not eat dahi at night time. Is there any logic to this?

Experts say that dahi does increase mucous in nose and throat. So if you have any allergies, are suffering from cold/cough, or have breathing problems, avoid eating dahi in the night. But if you do not have these health issues, it is completely ok to enjoy dahi at nigh time. So go for dahi based desserts and drinks instead of drinking soda or eating ice-cream.

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