How to Enjoy Rotis on a Low Carb Diet?

By First Posted: Aug 4, 2019 Sun 7:02 AM Updated: Jul 2, 2020 Thu 7:38 PM
How to Enjoy Rotis on a Low Carb Diet?
Image Credit: Yummy Food Recipes

If you are trying to lose weight, the first thing you have been told is probably to cut down on carbs. From Dr Atkins to the popular Keto diet, all weight loss diets are woven around the same funda - reduce carb intake. It is easy for non vegetarians to adopt such a life style, but it is extremely difficult for vegetarians to replace their carbs with proteins!

If you love your rotis, but need to do something about reducing carb intake, here is an idea.

Try making rotis with Ragi, or finger millet, instead of using wheat. Ragi is known to be very high in fibre and protein. The carb content of this millet is much lesser. So you can enjoy your roti/dal/sabzi without any guilt pangs about eating too many carbs. What's more, the high fibre content will fill you up very quickly and you will eat leasser. On top of it, you will consume more protein!

Win win, right?

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