3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Simple Wedding

By First Posted: Jul 31, 2019 Wed 3:24 AM
3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Simple Wedding
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Indian weddings are the best! We have so much colour, fun and entertainment in our weddings that we remember them for many years. These days people spend a fortune on weddings. A high profile venue like a farmhouse is a must for those that can afford it. Designer clothes and jewellery, celebrity entertainers, expensive five star catering, and the list goes on. For the rich, destination weddings are now the norm. There is no upper limit on what you can spend on a wedding. But should you really have an expensive wedding?

The answer is NO, and we all know it in our hearts. Here's why...

1. There is no logic in spending a fortune on ONE DAY. No matter how much you spend, people will forget about it in a few days and so will you. Where's the logic? It makes more sense to have a simple wedding and put away the money towards your future.

2. Spare your parents. In India parents host the wedding, so it is customary for people to save money all their lives and then blow it up in smoke on their child's wedding day. It is time we stopped this tradition. If you want an expensive wedding, spend your own money - spare your parents.

3. A high profile wedding is a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of planning and big decisions and choices have to be made. Most couples that go through this journey end up fighting about little things (so do the two families). Is it really worth it? If you wish to share your joy and money with other people on your wedding day, make a generous donation to a charitable trust, an old age home or an orphanage. This money will count because it will make a difference to lives.

Enjoy a simple wedding, invite your guests to a simple venue and make it fun with special activities for everyone.

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