What is the Job of an Air Hostess Really Like?

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2019 Sat 6:47 AM
What is the Job of an Air Hostess Really Like?
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The job of an air hostess is a mixed bag. There are many positives mixed with a few negatives. Our media usually tends to give an impression that air hostess jobs are great in every way, without showing the negative side of this job. So Many young women go into this field, expecting a life full of money, fun and glamour. But it is important for you to know every aspect of the job before you get into this field!

The Good

Air hostessing is a lot of fun. You get to meet new and interesting people every day. You get paid really well. You get to travel a lot and stay in big hotels. There are many glamourous parties you get invited to and meet more interesting people!

The Bad

Most air hostesses are over worked these days. It is tough to work in this job after you have children. The tight schedules keep you away from your families for long, this affects marriages and relationships.

The Ugly

There is discrimination at work. Female staff are expected to wear makeup at all the time. Wearing heels is a part of the job and employees are expected to walk for miles in heels as they go through airports etc. There is extreme stress on appearance for female staff and it can get quite painful to keep up with the high standards.


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