How Does Jennifer Lopez Manage to Stay So Fit and Sexy at Every Age?

By First Posted: Jul 26, 2019 Fri 11:52 AM
How Does Jennifer Lopez Manage to Stay So Fit and Sexy at Every Age?
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There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is one of the fittest and sexiest personalities in the world. Today, Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 50th birthday, joining a few of our favorite celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani who also turn 50 in 2019. After turning 50, Jennifer has showed no signs of slowing down—in fact, she’s absolutely thriving in her 50’s.

Well, you must be thinking how JLo manages to stay fit even when she is turning 50. Well, she is one person who never skip any exercise routine and also enjoy her daily meal.

It was also in news that Lopez shifts up her routine all the time, working with different trainers when she’s in New York or Los Angeles. “I like the balance that they both give me. They have two totally different approaches. I like switching it up with my body,” she told a leading media house in 2016. Whether she’s doing planks and push-ups with a trainer or dancing to a new song, Lopez stays active and makes sure she’s always having fun.

Lopez is not about grudging herself from food to stay slim; instead, she opts for meals that leave her satisfied and full of energy. The actress do work with many nutritionists which in turn helps the metabolism function efficiently by encouraging lean proteins, non-starchy veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Well, it is important that we take notes from Jennifer Lopez to keep ourselves healthy and happy with life.


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