The Month of Shravan: Important Dates and Rituals

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The Month of Shravan: Important Dates and Rituals
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Shravan month stems its name from the Shravan Nakshatra and is considered to be the best time for all religious ceremonies. Significantly mondays in the month of Shravan have a special implication for the devotees as it is known as “Shravan Somwar”.

Shravan month is a religious month for Hindus in general. Here below we have the important dates and rituals that this month of Shravan will shower upon us.

Shravan Month

Date: The Shravan month is starting from July 17 and will be on till August 15.

How Many Mondays Will Fall In This Year's Shravan Month

A total of 4 Mondays will fall during Shravan 2019. The first Monday of this year's Shravan month will fall on July 22.

This year Shravan Shivratri will fall on July 30. People perceive fast on this day and offer holy water, milk, flowers on Shiva Linga. The best time to perform puja on Shravan Shivratri 2019 is from 9:10 am to 2 in the afternoon.

According to many people, Shravan sees Lord Shiva rinse special blessings on his devotees. The month is also important as it marks the onset of monsoon in the Indian subcontinent.


Milk is offered to Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan and followers wear Rudraksha as well. Bhibhuti is offered to Lord Shiva along with worshipped leaves. Panchamrit made out of a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and jaggery is offered to Shiva Linga. Rendering to beliefs, bathing the Shiva Lingas in milk gives peace of mind.

So, pray for a healthy livelihood this Shravan and remenber the dates as mentioned above.


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