Kangana is Now on the Wrong Side of the Media

By First Posted: Jul 12, 2019 Fri 11:16 AM
Kangana is Now on the Wrong Side of the Media
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We all know that Kangana is known for her outspoken and honest attitude. However, recently Kangana had a public dispute with an entertainment journalist at an event. As a result, the media industry is annoyed and in a show of cohesion, wrote an open letter to the producer of Kangana’s film, asking for an apology.

The hullabaloo happened during an event, when, Kangana accused a male journalist of running smear campaigns against her while the latter tried to ask her a question. In response to Kangana’s claims, the journalist decisively said that Kangana's comments are unfair. This splayed up angers at the event and a few other journalists got involved too. However, it was Kangana’s high-handedness that did not go down well with the media persons.

The incident soon turned into a heated debate and the fight got very ugly. The video of the incident is now viral on social media.

This is not the first time celebrities and journalists in India have rubbed each other the wrong way. Well, it is now believed that Kangana will not be promoted in any media campaigns.

What do you think, was Kangana right to voice up her opinion and thereby flaring a debate or was she too arrogant and used wrong choice of words out in public?


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