Are Antibiotics Ruining Your Immunity?

By First Posted: Jul 7, 2019 Sun 1:35 AM
Are Antibiotics Ruining Your Immunity?
Image Credit: Infectious Disease Advisor

Do you pop an antibiotic everytime you get the flu? Sure, antibiotics get the job done. Your flu symptoms go away in 2-3 days and you feel better quicker than otherwise. But is this good for you?

Repeated use of antibiotics makes the lungs weak and prone to catching flu infections. They wipe out the gut bacteria, which are the body's first defence against infections. Repeated use of antibiotics reduces the body's immunity to fight disease and infections. This makes us prone to catching infections quicker than before. Over a period of time, your body will also become unresponsive to antibiotics that work for you today. 

If you look at it on a larger scale, bacteria and viruses become immune to antibiotics after a period of time. Then we start using higher grade antibiotics, but bacteria and viruses become immune to them too. So our use of antibiotics is not winning the battle against infections and disease. But we are making disease carrying bacteria and viruses stronger. 

The best way to deal with infections, is to let them run their course. Allow the body's natural defences to work against viruses and bacteria. Treat the symptoms like fever with medicine, but avoid antibiotics unless prescribed by a doctor.

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