5 Excuses People Make for Cheating

By First Posted: Jun 27, 2019 Thu 3:43 PM
5 Excuses People Make for Cheating
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Cheating is one of the major reasons why there comes friction in any relationship. Cheating in a relationship is, tactlessly, a common incidence in modern society.

Cheaters will frequently appeal many to both hide and justify their behavior. The fundamental motive remains the same: reluctance or fear of navigating the relationship responsibility.

Here below we have 5 major excuses people make for cheating:

>I Had To Work Late: Most often people who cheats will make excuses like they were working late and cannot make it on time. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest excuses to come up with. If it happens once or twice, or has been happening since you started dating, there's likely no need to be alarmed.

>I Just Wanted To Grab Drinks With Everyone After Work: If your partner normally does not mingle with their co-workers, this excuse is a see-through, especially if you were told after the incident. But if your partner gives you a heads-up that they're going out with their co-workers, this would need to happen a few more times to be sure if they're cheating.

>I’m just Bored: There are chances when your partner can give boredom as a reason to move out. Using this reason to cheat on someone is both shallow and disturbing; nothing more than textbook vanity applied in the context of a relationship.

>I Have No Idea Why They Keep Texting Me: If your partner gets intimate texts from someone you don’t know, there's a good gamble that they know exactly who those texts are from and are cheating.

>They Came On To Me: Temptation is something, if not avoided can repeat again. Culpability is my one word that abridges the remedy to cheating. If your partner said they couldn’t say no because the person kept tempting them, this is pretty much a lame excuse and may likely happen again.

So, keep a keen eye on your partner to identify if they are cheating in the relationship.


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