Is Drinking Soda Good For You?

By First Posted: Jun 19, 2019 Wed 3:00 PM
Is Drinking Soda Good For You?
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We all know that soft drinks are bad for health. It has been proven again and again that popular drinks like Pepsi, Coke and Mirinda etc are full of pesticides and added sugar. So these drinks cause obesity and also lead to various diseases in the body. So people are swithcing to different kinds of water these days. One of the popular drinks is carbonated water.

Is drinking carbonated water good or bad for your health?

Experts say that drinking sparkling water or soda is not really bad for you. If you drink soda to keep yourself hydrated, it is in fact good for you just like plain old water. The only downside is that the air bubbles may cause some gas and bloating.

But when you turn your soda into a mixed drink or add sugar to make it tastier, the drink is now bad for you due to added sugar.

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