Should You Invite an Ex to Your Wedding?

By First Posted: Jun 13, 2019 Thu 1:01 PM
Should You Invite an Ex to Your Wedding?
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It is a complicated feeling that one encounters when meeting his/her Ex. Well, if you are getting married, will you invite your Ex to your wedding or skip the thought? How do you decide if having an ex at your wedding is a good or bad idea?

On a day that should be about rejoicing you and your partner’s love, is it obstinate to have people you’ve formerly dated there? Or is it fine, if you’re now just good friends? What if one of you is happy with it, but the other isn’t? Obviously, exes at nuptials is a vastly sensitive issue.

Even the most sheltered couple can feel anxious by the idea that the person their partner has earlier been in a relationship with, or even loved, will be at their wedding. It’s a huge notice of the past on a day that’s supposed to be about your love and future together.

If we go with expert experiences, it’s pretty much a firm and fast rule not to invite an ex to your wedding. It’s just going to be awkward for your present partner and you. Unless, that is, it was so long ago and you have moved well into the ‘friend’ zone and there are, hand on heart, no feelings towards them from your side then possibly it is acceptable.

Having said that your wedding is not the chance to display your previous partners as to what they missed out on. Well, you can decide with a firm heart if you are inviting an Ex to your wedding or skipping the risk of awkwardness.


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