Do New Dads Need Paternity Leave Too?

By First Posted: Jun 11, 2019 Tue 11:11 AM
Do New Dads Need Paternity Leave Too?
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While maternity leave is a communal topic in the news, dads and paternity leave often get unheeded. If paternity leave has never crossed your mind, you're not alone. We strongly believe that companies should create a mandatory parental leave policy for both men and women.

Here below we have some pointers that strongly suggest why new dads need paternity leave.

>It Improves the Mom-Dad Relationship- When one person is at home with a new baby and the other remains at work, they can start living in diverse worlds and have less to talk about. As parents, both men and women should take maternity and paternity leave to benefit their relationship.

>It Lets Dads Like Being Dads- Multiple studies report that missing time that could be spent with infants, babies and children has a hostile effect on dads, who remorse not enjoying those valuable moments. However, when men were able to spend time with their infants, they felt overall well-being, satisfaction and fulfillment.

>It Benefits Kids Early on and for Life- Children whose dads took paternity leave have been shown to become more social as they grow up. The earlier that dads get involved in actively taking care of their kids, the more intricate they will be in the long term. Children also benefit from observing their mother’s and father’s different styles of parenting.

Time is changing and with changing time it is important that new dads acquire the courage to opt in for paternity leave.


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