Sitting All Day is Ruining Your Health

By First Posted: May 25, 2019 Sat 1:53 AM
Sitting All Day is Ruining Your Health
Image Credit: Back Centre

Many offices and their employees are now switching to standing desks. If you have seen someone working at a desk standing, please do notthink that their employers are being too hard on them! This is a step towards better health. Sitting down for a long duration of time everyday can slowly kill you.

If you are still spending the better part of your day sitting in a chair, here is what this is doing to you:

- Your shoulders are beginning to slouch and this slouching will carry into other parts of your day too.

- You are beginning to experience back pain, especially lower backache.

- Your metabolism is slowing down and you may soon become pre-diabetic or even diabetic.

- You are finding it hard to lose weight or get in shape.

- Your abdomen is squished all day and this is affecting your digestion.

- Your core muscles are weakening, leading to stiffness and various aches and pains.

If you think this is just ageing, you are wrong. You are ageing at a faster pace than you should. All you need to do to prevent this is to stop sitting for 8-10 hours a day. Stand up, walk around every 30 minutes and you will find things improving!

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