Finally, the Results We Have All Been Waiting For!

By First Posted: May 23, 2019 Thu 7:48 AM
Finally, the Results We Have All Been Waiting For!
Image Credit: thepeopleinfo

There are only a few hours to go before the results of India's long-drawn, exciting, momentous general elections start bucketing in.

The counting of votes will begin at 8 AM, opening with the postal ballots. The Returning Officer of the electorate and the Assistant Returning Officer will take the oath to maintain the secrecy of voting and read it out aloud before the inauguration of counting. As per the Election Commission (EC) guidelines, the process of counting votes from the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will begin 30 minutes after this. The totaling of postal ballots for each Parliamentary constituency will be taken up in one of the Assembly segment counting halls. In the remaining halls vote counting will begin at 8 am.

The last of seven rounds of polling over six weeks ended on Sunday and the counting of the stored ballots begins at 08:00 local time (02.30GMT). This election is seen as a plebiscite on Mr. Modi, a polarizing figure adored by many but also blamed for increasing divisions in India.

A party or coalition needs at least 272 seats to secure a majority in the 543-member lower house of parliament, or Lok Sabha. Indians will finally find out today who will win the general election after a long and bitter campaign.


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