5 Tips for Your First Time at the Gym

By First Posted: May 22, 2019 Wed 7:40 AM
5 Tips for Your First Time at the Gym
Image Credit: Muscle and Fitness

When we look at sexy pictures of girls working out in gyms, we feel very inspired. This is why many young women join gyms every day, expecting drastic results that will make them sexy like a Bollywood celebrity. But often these results are tough to achieve, and girls give up halfway!

Here are 5 important tips if you are joining a gym for the first time.

1. Set realistic goals. Do not join the gym thinking that you will lose 3 kilos every month. Be realistic. In fact, get the trainer to help you in setting goals that are achievable and measureable.

2. Get a diet plan too! Just exercising will not help you in shedding the fat. It has to be a two pronged strategy - diet and exercise.

3. Always carry a bottle of water, a towel and ear phones to the gym.

4. Always scrub down the machines after you use them. You do not want to leave a trail of germs and sweat wherever you go!

5. Do not forget to enjoy. Think of the gym as a fun activity instead of thinking about it as a task.

These tips will gear you up for success at the gym!

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