5 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Budget Makeover

By First Posted: May 20, 2019 Mon 12:17 PM
5 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Budget Makeover
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Are you bored seeing the same kitchen walls and curtains? Well, it is time that you give your kitchen a budget makeover. Your kitchen is the firmest working area of your home—it should reflect your personal style and serve up the functionality you need.

Here below we have 5 tips to give your kitchen a budget makeover:

>Add Textiles: Integrating fabrics into your kitchen not only unstiffens the hard surfaces but also introduces depth. Laying a runner in the area between the sink and island visually extends the space and helps prevent slippery floors. Adding textiles does allow you to change the look of your kitchen in minutes.

>Add Fresh Paint: A new-fangled coat of paint can do wonders—making it well worth like new. Painting your walls can make your kitchen feel nimbler and brighter and disguise tired, chipped cabinets.

>Address Lighting Issues: Make sure that your kitchen has the best of lights, whether that means tallying new fixtures or simply updating current ones. No more squinting at the cutting board.

>Install a New Backsplash: Whether you're presently living with dated tile or bare walls, opting for a new backsplash lets you analyze the style of your space. Cover the area underneath your cabinets to tie your kitchen décor together, or extend it up to the ceiling to make a statement. If you're an occupant, stick-on slates are a landlord-friendly choice and look just like the real thing.

>Replace Your Countertops: Getting free of flaking laminate or tiled counters will not only make you more inclined to cook, but also adds value to your home. You can also decide to mix-and-match finishes across counters and island for a heterogeneous look.

So, keep the above tips in mind to give your kitchen a makeover.


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