Tips to Master the Art of Cooking Perfect Pasta Every Time

By First Posted: May 16, 2019 Thu 10:17 AM
Tips to Master the Art of Cooking Perfect Pasta Every Time
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Pasta is one of the most frequently consumed weeknight dinner in majority part of the world. Well, it is important that we learn how to cook perfect pasta to enjoy the meal time with our family.

Best of, cooking perfect pasta is easy. Below are some easy tips to get you there!

>Do not put oil in your water or on your pasta: You’ll also end up with greasy pasta if you are adding oil in your water or on your pasta. Adding oil to the water, or to cooked pasta to keep it from sticking will cause your sauce to slip off the noodles. So, avoid doing it.

>Fill your pot properly: It is important that you use enough fresh water while making pasta. It is vital to ensure that there is plenty of room for the noodles to move freely after adding water. You also want enough water to balance the heat once the pasta is added.

>Add Salt and bring water to a rapid boil before adding the pasta: Add enough salt and ensure that the water temperature is extremely hot to start cooking the noodles properly. Noodles that are added too soon with be soggy and improperly cooked.

>Drop and stir: As soon as you bead your pasta in the water, stir it. This averts the pasta from sticking together, or to the bottom or sides of the pot. Stir occasionally during the cooking process.

>Drain don’t dry and add pasta to sauce: Drain your pasta adequately to remove most of the water, but don’t let weary pasta sit and “dry off”. As it cools, the starches will firm up and the pasta will stick together. Also, always have your sauce ready before you cook your noodles.

Keep the above tips in mind before to start cooking your perfect pasta.


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