Do You Need Treatment for Social Anxiety?

By First Posted: May 15, 2019 Wed 12:44 PM
Do You Need Treatment for Social Anxiety?
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It may come as a surprise to you if you find out that you suffer from social anxiety. But the truth is that many people, especially youngsters, silently suffer from social anxiety and are unable to live full happy lives that they should. One of the reasons for growing social awkwardness is increasing use of technology. As we make way through the alternate unreal world of social media, we start feeling more and more uncomfortable in the real world inhabited by real people.

You are also suffering from social anxiety if:

- You feel your colleagues/classmates do not really like you. 

- At a public place, you feel like everyone is watching and judging you.

- You avoid going to events because you feel everyone will talk about you and judge you.

- You avoid participating in activities that involve other people because it makes you uncomfortble.

- You find dressing up agonizing because you feel nothing looks good on you - another reason why you avoid going out.

- Your social media life is different from you real life. You feel more confident in the unreal online world.

If this sounds like you, you are not living your life to its full potential. You are giving up many things you might enjoy because you are not comfortable with socializing. But this can be treated. Like any other form of anxiety, social anxiety can also be treated with therapy and/or medication. If you recognize the problem, it is time to seek the solution!

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