What Does a Badly Fitting Bra Do to Your Body?

By First Posted: May 9, 2019 Thu 6:56 AM Updated: Apr 3, 2020 Fri 6:05 AM
What Does a Badly Fitting Bra Do to Your Body?
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There are many lingerie stores that offer free bra fitting service. Do you get your lingerie from one of these stores? If no, then you should conider doing this, at least once. This is important because we should all know the right size before we buy a bra. You would not believe it but most women all over the world are wearing badly fitting bras without even realising it. They become so used to the pinching and tightness of our chest cages that we do not even question it!

What does a badly fitting bra do to your body?

A badly fitting bra will cause irritation, itching, chafing and grooves on shoulders where the straps sit. 

Over time, this will cause pain and numbness in shoulders and arms. This is called the costoclavicular syndrome - first observed in soldiers carrying heavy knapsack.

An ill fitting bra will make your breasts sag. This is the exact opposite of what you are wearing the bra for!

A bra that does not give you proper support will eventually cause shoulder, neck and back pain. If you workout wearing a badly fitting bra, these problems will become more severe.

These reasons are enough for you to get a proper bra fitting!

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