Why Do All Contestants Want to Join Prince Narula's Gang?

By First Posted: Apr 28, 2019 Sun 12:16 PM Updated: Apr 29, 2019 Mon 7:59 AM
Why Do All Contestants Want to Join Prince Narula's Gang?
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The current season of Roadies seems very promising and full of controversies. This week’s episode of Roadies Real Heroes is full dramatic. As the competitors enter in the fourth week of their journey, their love and wish to join their favorite gang leaders’ team appears to create quite a stir in the show.

The episode takes an extremely dramatic turn, where we see the two contestants- Tara and Tarun, snubbing to join gang leader Neha Dhupia’s team and prompt their wish to be a part of Prince Narula’s gang.

It all starts when Rannvijay Singha announces Neha Dhupia as the winner of the task, which gives her a special power to choose any two contestants for her gang and one contestant for another gang leader. Upon choosing Tarun and Tara, they show their apathy to join her team, which comes as a shock to Neha. Their loyalties lie with their favorite gang leader Prince Narula and the obstinate behavior leads to a heated argument not only between the contestants but also amongst the gang leaders.

Well, it seems like the revolt has just begun and contestants are more incline to join Prince’s gang for his winning attitude. The upcoming episode is something you cannot miss out on!


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