Police Complaint Filed Against Salman Khan!

By First Posted: Apr 26, 2019 Fri 1:02 PM
Police Complaint Filed Against Salman Khan!
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The recent news that is buzzing the internet is all about Salman Khan getting a FIR notice from police. Yes, you heard me right, a police complaint has been trooped against Bollywood star Salman Khan for snatching a journalist's mobile phone while he was trying to shoot a video of the actor.

The complaint was filed by a journalist named Ashok Shyamlal Pandey. Mr Pandey said he and his cameraman were travelling from Juhu to Kandivali when they saw Salman riding a bicycle. They asked his bodyguard if they could make a video of the actor and Salman agreed but still snatched the journalist’s phone to tamper the video.

On his complaint, Ashok told, "We took out our mobile phones and started shooting. Suddenly, Salman turned around and gestured to his bodyguards. After that bodyguards riding motorcycles approached us. My cameraman was pushed by one of the guards and he even pushed our car with force. We ended up having an argument with them. Salman turned his cycle and came to us. We told him we were from the press. Salman said 'It doesn't matter'. Then he snatched our mobile phones and left."

While the journalists were dialing 100, Salman Khan's bodyguards returned their phone. According to a source, a cross-complaint has also been wedged by Salman's bodyguard claiming that the person took the video without permission.

Well, it is hard to predict if it was Salman’s aggressiveness or journalist’s intruding behavior that caused the rift.


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