DeCluttering Tips for Your Home

By First Posted: Apr 19, 2019 Fri 4:03 PM
DeCluttering Tips for Your Home
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Do you feel like your home is heaps of clutter put together? Many families, especially those with young children, go through a phase where the clutter becomes unmanageable. We keep buying toys and other things but we do not dispose of the things we already have in our homes. This collection of contents becomes clutter before we know it!

Tips to Get Rid of The Clutter Without Getting Stressed

1. Start small. Do not aim to cleanup a room by throwing all contents on the floor. This can be extremely daunting. Start with one corner or one cupboard. Organize it and move to the next one. This incremental cleaning and organizing can help you in dealing with the task without getting overwhelmed. You can control how much cleaning up you want to accomlish in a day.

2. Set small realistic goals. You home cannot be cleaned up magically in a day. So set realistic goals like getting one room done this weekend etc.

3. Be tough when dealing with clothes. If you have not worn something in last 6 months, it should go away. 

4. Skip the sentimality. We clutter your homes by holding on to things we do not need any more. So skip the sentimality about objects and get rid of the stuff you are not using any more.

5. Use storage boxes and organizing trays etc to sort, group and store items. This makes the home look more organized and less cluttered.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to clean up your home in no time. Repeat every 2 months to keep your home clean and decluttered!

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