Beware, Even Kids can Have Fatty Liver Disease

By First Posted: Apr 14, 2019 Sun 4:21 PM Updated: Apr 16, 2019 Tue 10:44 AM
Beware, Even Kids can Have Fatty Liver Disease
Image Credit: everydayhealth

As per researchers, it is now disclosed that even kids can have fatty liver disease that is hard to control. The extra sugar in the liver produces fatty acids that build up in the liver faster than the liver can pump them out so it stores them. This causes a fatty liver over time.

Extra sugar is not good for kids and may result into fatty liver diseases. Cutting the amount of sugar in the diet is the best way to avoid fatty liver disease. Food with added sugar and simple starches should only be eaten in restraint.

Instead of giving your child white bread, other foods with white flour, white rice, corn or potatoes, choose complex carbohydrates like whole grains vegetables and judicious fruits. Also, cut out the soda and avoid too much juice. The health impacts can be very severe if some extra precautions are not gathered for your child’s safety.

Make sure that you are spacing out meals for your kids to adequately process foods. If your kids are continually eating, the body doesn’t have time to reset itself. Healthy habits like exercise can help kids avoid fatty liver as well. If you are treating your body well, it will treat you well and that includes your liver.


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