How to Make Your Food More Instagram-Worthy?

By First Posted: Apr 3, 2019 Wed 7:30 AM
How to Make Your Food More Instagram-Worthy?
Image Credit: Eat This, Not That

Food Gram, or the Instagram for food is insanely popular. People showcase their dishes, their special diets, fad diets etc on Instagram and enjoy adulation of the world for these lovely pictures. Have you ever tried taking a picture of the food you cook?

When common people take pictures of food, the food does not look as pleasing as the picture in the recipe! Why is that?

How to Make Food More Instagram-Worthy

- Keep it Simple. Do not clutter the picture with too many things. 

- Get the light right. The best pictures are a result of careful lighting - not too bright and not too dark.

- Plan the picture. You should know what your picture will look like, before you even start prepping for the dish.

- Keep it fresh. Fresh ingredients will end up in a great looking dish. The food should look yummy and inviting.

- Design the plate for pictures. When you are plating your food, place the star dish a little to the side of the centre. This makes for more interesting pictures.

- Use fresh herbs, edible flowers and fruit to bring colour and freshness to the picture.

Remember, you are looking for a WOW dish, so it has to look amazing!


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