Article 370 Discussion Leads to Ugly Spat Between Actresses!

By First Posted: Apr 2, 2019 Tue 2:54 PM
Article 370 Discussion Leads to Ugly Spat Between Actresses!
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A tweet by Payal Rohtagi regarding Article 370 has drawn a shrill response from actress Gauahar Khan.

The rift started when, Payal tweeted, "If Article 370 can’t be removed then ask #KashmiriMuslims 2 evict Kashmir. Centre should make it #Defence area. Kashmiris start living in other cities of India. Kashmir will always be a part of India whether it has Kashmiris in it or no. U guys threw Pandits out, now evict Muslims."

After Payal’s tweet, Gauahar Khan shot back saying, "Hahahahaha so says a person who is living happily in a building that is 90% Muslims! In An area that has harmony amongst the koli, christian n muslim population who live there! Im proud that atleast the Muslims in ur building tolerate a bigoted person like u!!"

In another tweet, Gauahar mentioned that spreading hatred is easy and India is beautiful because of its diversity. The war of words continued between the two for quite some time with Rohatgi making remarks on Muslim women wearing ‘hijabs.’ She also accused Khan of using victim card to win Bigg Boss.

Finally, Khan blocked Rohatgi on Twitter.

After the whole spat, Rohatgi called the twitter war a publicity stunt and accused Khan of mobbing. Next, Rohtagi tagged Mumbai Police in a tweet and wrote, "After all tagging my tweet, to get publicity for herself in her nonexistent film career this reality show feminist blocks me.

Well, it seems like the war has just begun and will carry on for a longer time.


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