Tips to Help Your Children Get More Protein in their Diet

By First Posted: Mar 29, 2019 Fri 3:26 PM Updated: Feb 27, 2020 Thu 9:53 AM
Tips to Help Your Children Get More Protein in their Diet
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It is important that you take extra care of your kid’s diet. One essential part of a child’s growth depends on the intake of protein.

Many kids are not big meat eaters, so as parents you might get worried that your child is not getting enough protein in his diet. Children have greater protein requirements based on their weight versus adults due to their growth and development.

Protein is used to form and repair tissue, kids who are energetic in sports may need even more protein in their diet. Here below we have some tips that will help your children to get more protein in their diet.

>Drink your milk: Adding a glass of milk to every meal is an additional way to increase your child’s protein intake. If your child is lactose-intolerant, soy milk is a good option because it is more nutritionally analogous to dairy milk. Adding milk is one of the best way to increase protein.

>Give your smoothie a protein boost: Adding tofu, milk, nut butter or chia seeds to drinks is a great way to add in extra protein. Tofu absorbs the flavors of foods, and adds creaminess to your child’s favorite smoothie without changing the taste.

>Rethink pasta as a protein source: Pastas made with beans or chickpeas offer a lot more protein than regular pasta and are an easy way to add more protein to meals.

>Elect for whole grains: Whole grain foods cover more protein than those made with advanced grains, such as white bread, rice or flour. Try to sneak in whole grains to make a protein-packed food in your kid’s diet.

So, you can try the above tips to sneak more protein into your child’s diet.


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