What is the #KuToo Movement?

By First Posted: Mar 24, 2019 Sun 11:20 AM
What is the #KuToo Movement?
Image Credit: Global Punjab

#MeToo is a well known term nowadays. We have had #MeToo in Hollywood and also in our own country. But now there is a new hashtag being tweeted on Twitter and it is the #KuToo.

What is #KuToo?

Women in Japan have started this movement. It literally translates to Shoe Pain in Japanese. This is an outcry against the painful dress code of 'high heels' for women at workplace. We all know that those high heels look very sexy but feel a lot more painful than they feel sexy! Wearing sexy high heels for 2-3 hours in the evening can be quite tiring and painful. Imagine what it does to women who have to wear them all day long at work!

So women in Japan are now revolting against this dress code for women and demanding that they should be allowed to wear comfortable shoes at work just like their male colleagues.

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