Lifestyle Diseases Linked with Your Desk Job

By First Posted: Mar 19, 2019 Tue 5:44 PM
Lifestyle Diseases Linked with Your Desk Job
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Do you know there are lot of diseases that emanates from sitting in your work desk and working ideal without any physical movements for long? Do you have a desk-bound job? Beware, you may be at a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 0.2 per cent and an increase in waist circumference by two cm, for every additional hour of sitting on top of five hours.

Desk job ideally requires you to sit for long hours which is identified as a risk factor for early mortality, independent of the presence of a disease, such as cancer or diabetes. Do you know on an average up to 7% of deaths have been accredited just by sitting alone?

Long day sitting is bad for your health, but it is a big part of everyday life for many people. Exercise is a good way to offset the negative effects of sitting, but just uniting physical activity into one part of our day may not be enough to overcome the damage caused by prolonged sitting and an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Although the study could be used as the basis of new public health targets for sitting, lying, standing and stepping to avoid metabolic risks, it would be very perplexing to achieve unless unified into people’s occupations.

In addition, each extra hour of sitting from five hours a day, increases the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases good cholesterol (HDL). So, now you know the lifestyle diseases/risks that are linked with your desk jobs. Start doing some physical exercises to offset the negative impacts that are linked with your desk jobs.


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