How Often Should You Give Your Dog a Bath?

By First Posted: Mar 19, 2019 Tue 9:39 AM Updated: Jan 11, 2021 Mon 1:15 AM
How Often Should You Give Your Dog a Bath?
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Having a pet in your family is a great feeling, especially for children. But our pets require a different kind of care than what we think of as 'normal'. For instance, we know that we should take a bath every day, often twice a day! This is what we teach our children also. This daily shower habit is essential to maintain hygiene and good health. But does this hold true for our pets also?

Experts say that our pet dogs do not require as much bathing as humans do. In fact, vets advise that your dog should only be given a bath when it needs one. For instance, if your dog is dirty or stinky, it needs to be cleaned up. But apart from that, your dog should not be given too many baths.

This is because your dogs have a protective layer of dead cells on their skin. This layer protects them from infections and disease. But regular baths tend to strip the dog of this protective layer. This can cause dryness, itching and disease.

So leave your dog alone, give it a bath only when it needs or wants one!

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