Sania Mirza Reveals How She Lost All the Mommy Weight!

By First Posted: Mar 16, 2019 Sat 1:30 PM
Sania Mirza Reveals How She Lost All the Mommy Weight!
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Sania Mirza has mounted her pregnancy and post-pregnancy, inspiring everyone by modifying her diet and workout rules to keep up with her nutritional needs. During her pregnancy, Sania kept herself physically fit with walking, playing and yoga. And soon after the birth of her son, Izhaan Mirza Malik, Sania got back to the severe workout routine to get fit. Sania lost 22 kgs in four months.

In an interview with a leading media house, Sania revealed her ways to lose mommy weight. She said, “I’ve got four-five weeks of training to go before I am where I would like to be, which is where I was before I got pregnant. In the normal scheme of things that’s not much time, considering I delivered only four months ago. Once I get back to where I want to be physically, I’ll start playing. I had three surgeries before I had a baby so I have to be careful about how I address my playing, my return to competition.”

She further said, “I started training with Robert (Ballard) last week, before that I was training on my own. I lost all the weight by myself. It was just with cardio and my knowledge of fitness. It was also controlled because I couldn’t do weights. I was killing myself. I would do 100 minutes of cardio, an hour of kickboxing and an hour of pilates. That was my day, that’s how I lost weight.”

It’s more of plyometric and cardio that helps to reduce weight.

Well, working out and exercising are definitely the best ways to reduce weight. Well done Sania, you are undoubtedly one of the fittest sports personalities in our nation and in the world.


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