New Research Links Egg Consumption with Heart Disease

By First Posted: Mar 16, 2019 Sat 1:10 PM
New Research Links Egg Consumption with Heart Disease
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It is now proved that the consumption of egg can source heart disease at a high rate. It's been argued for years: Are eggs good or bad for you? In general, who eats an extra three or four eggs a week or 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol per day, have an advanced risk of both heart disease and early demise equated with those who eat fewer eggs.

Eggs, especially the yolk, are a major cause of dietary cholesterol. The researchers inspected data from six US study groups counting more than 29,000 people followed for 17½ years on average. Over the follow-up period, a total of 5,400 cardiovascular events occurred, including 1,302 fatal and nonfatal strokes, 1,897 incidents of fatal and nonfatal heart failure and 113 other heart disease deaths. An additional 6,132 participants died of other causes.

Eating an additional 300 milligrams of alimentary cholesterol per day was associated with a 3.2% higher risk of heart disease and a 4.4% higher risk of early death. Each additional half an egg consumed per day was associated with a 1.1% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and 1.9% higher risk of early death due to any cause, the researchers found.

So, it is advised to keep tabs on your egg count to avoid any fatal disease.


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