Flatten Those Abs With Planks!

By First Posted: Mar 16, 2019 Sat 10:09 AM Updated: Feb 13, 2020 Thu 8:48 AM
Flatten Those Abs With Planks!
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Planks are a type of exercise that can definitely help to get a flat stomach and good body shape. Making simple tweaks to a basic plank helps make more tautness throughout your entire core, so you’ll see results faster.

It is highly recommended to hold each plank variation below for up to 30 seconds, rest, then repeat one to two more times.

Below we have mentioned different types of planks and how to do them:

Pull Your Weight: By holding your body still, imagine you could slog your elbows down toward your toes. It might not look like you're doing anything unconventional but it creates more tension in the abs and more muscle tension equals better results.

Take an extra Step:  Start in a forearm plank with your arms on the floor, but your bases raised on a step or bench behind you. Hold this as you would a regular plank. Even just a few inches of elevation under your toes will change your base of support and make your abs work harder.

Straighten Up:  This is a regular plank, by making sure the bottoms of your feet are upright to the floor, and then mildly drive your heels away from each other.

Blend the Pot: This plank position involves your feet on the floor and your forearms on a Swiss ball. Gradually move your forearms to the right to make small circles with the ball, keeping the rest of your body as still as possible.

So, start making some progress to be fit and healthy with planks.


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