Are You a Victim of Shoulder Surfing?

By First Posted: Mar 15, 2019 Fri 7:26 AM
Are You a Victim of Shoulder Surfing?
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A new term is being heard in crime circles these days. Shoulder Surfing is the very simple act of peering over someone's shoulder as they work on their phone or laptop or use a credit/debit card. The intention is to steal information and rob the victim of money. The sad thing is that this is so simple that you will never realize it happened to you till it is too late!

If you use public transport to commute to work, you are at a very high risk. We all know how our public transport systems are always over-loaded, jostling people into each other all the time. Who can expect or demand privacy in this setting?

At especially high risk are the elderly. It has been reported that elder people are subjected to shoulder surfing as they pay for purchases using plastic at a store. Then the perp will distract them somehow and rob them of their personal belongings, including the plastic card. They already know the PIN!

The only way to protect yourself and your family members is to always be on guard when using pastic money in a store. When in public, avoid using phone or laptop where people can watch your screen. Be alert, this is the only way to guard your privacy!

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