Where do Our Tech Colleges Rank in the 'World's Best' List?

By First Posted: Mar 12, 2019 Tue 8:05 AM
Where do Our Tech Colleges Rank in the 'World's Best' List?
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It is true that we are very proud of the high level of quality education imparted in our technical colleges and institutes like the IITs and NITs. But where does this quality education stand if we compare with the best colleges of the world?

Times Highes Education World Rankings for 2019 are out. Surprisingly, there is not a single Indian college, institute or university on the Top 50. Is this why all the best students want to go abroad for higher studies? Is our poor level of education one of the main reasons behind brain drain from India?

Oxford University tops this list of Best Educational Institutes across the World. Following closely behind is the Cambridge University, also from England. From the USA, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology form the remaining 3 of the Top 5. In fact, Switerland is the only country to have one university in the Top 20, apart from UK and USA.

Now you know why everyone wants to fly to USA or UK for higher education!

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