Life Insurance Products, Simplified.

By First Posted: Mar 12, 2019 Tue 6:05 PM
Life Insurance Products, Simplified.
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Simplified-issue term life insurance has a very unassuming principle: no medical exam and an application with few questions that are quick and easy to answer. Attainment of life insurance can be a prolonged process, but a no medical exam policy bounces a few steps to cut down on that time. If you require analysis quickly or you are uncertain to take a medical exam, a simplified issue policy might suit you.

A simplified issue life insurance policy is another name for a no medical exam policy, which is slightly more straightforward. It does precisely what the name implies: gets you life insurance deprived of the need for a paramedical exam. With a quick health questionnaire and a check with a medical record such as the Medical Information Bureau, you can be indemnified in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional insurance process.

Every insurer has its own bunch of standards. Generally, countering yes to specific questions will disqualify you from coverage or lift the price of premiums. Approval isn’t definite, but most people who apply for simplified issue life insurance are accepted.

Simplified-issue term life insurance uses existing data to forecast how long you'll live based on your age and sex at the time you purchase the policy.


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