Would You Like a Pair of Permanent Eyebrows?

By First Posted: Mar 9, 2019 Sat 7:14 AM
Would You Like a Pair of Permanent Eyebrows?
Image Credit: IB Times

The most common hassle women face while getting ready for work is their makeup and brows. Brows tend to grow stray hair every week and on an average, Indian women need to have their brows threaded into perfection every 20-25 days. Even when your eyebrows are behaving, you still need to apply makeup to give your face a lift and to look youthful. But who has the time for all this?

If you are a working mom, time is the most precious commodity you own. Makeup is certainly the last priority! So here is a neat little solution that will help you save lots of time every week.

Microblading is a technique wherein a pair of permanent eyebrows is put on your face. Once you get your permanent brow tattoo, you will never have to use a brow pencil or filler again! Here are a few benefits of getting a permanent brow tattoo:

- Saves times every morning

- No down time: the procedure does not cause swelling or require you to stay home for recovery

- Brows are shaped according to face and perfectly filled out

- Perfect brows give your face a natural lift, making makeup unecessary

- Long lasting solution that saves you money in the long run

If you decide to get a pair of permanent brows, make sure you get the procedure done at a reputed professional centre. Avoid finding a great deal, try to find a great professional to do it.

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