Talking to Masand, Sonali Bendre Opens Up About her Fight With Cancer

By First Posted: Mar 9, 2019 Sat 2:34 PM
Talking to Masand, Sonali Bendre Opens Up About her Fight With Cancer
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During an interview session with Rajeev Masand, Sonali Bendre spoke about her battle with cancer and how she has overcome the fear of losing her life. On International Women’s Day (8 March), broadcaster and critic Rajeev Masand interviewed Sonali Bendre about her battle with cancer since the past year. In the interview she described her feelings during the process, it is only now that she has opened up about the first few days when she came to know of her disease.

Speaking to Rajeev Masand, she said at first they weren’t told what stage of cancer she had. Later, on reaching New York, she was told that not only did she have Stage IV cancer, she had 30% chances of survival.

She said in the interview that, “I didn’t want to go to New York. It was my husband who wanted to go. Through the flight, I have cribbed; I was really venting. I land in New York and next day, we go to the doctor. He looks at everything and we had sent all our tests and he says, you know, it is fourth stage and you have 30% chance of survival. That really hit me; I just turned to Goldie and I remember saying: ‘Thank God, you got me here’. Goldie always says that ‘tomorrow I’d rather feel I over-reacted, over-spent than under-reacted and have that regret that I should have done that’. There was no time for it and we were not told that it was fourth stage but Goldie had started reading about it and he was suspecting it.”

We are very inspired by Sonali’s fight against cancer. Last December, Sonali came back in India, after spending close to six months in the US. She is slowly getting back to work.


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