5 Things Women do Better than Men!

By First Posted: Mar 9, 2019 Sat 2:14 PM
5 Things Women do Better than Men!
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There are certain things which women can do precisely and better than men in general. The roles of both the gender are very clear yet women and men are more likely to have different talents.

Here below we have 5 things that women do better than men:

>Health Prevention: As a women, they quickly notice if something is wrong with you. There are a lot of instances where we as men might hide our injuries but they are very evident to women when they see you. So always tell female friends what’s wrong, and if she sends you for a preemptive medical check-up, go!

>Dining with Friends: Any get together or arranging an easy party can be better done by a guy, but if the dinner should be appealing and graceful, it requires a woman’s touch. They are masters of intricacies.

>Stuffing for a Trip: It is sometimes very hectic to pack your credit cards, medicine, at least two clean shirts, your notebook, glasses, toiletries, business cards and many other necessities for a trip. Well, women are far better in arranging things and are simply better at packing.

>Choosing gifts: If you don’t have any suitable ideas while buying gifts for someone, get some advice from your loved ones. Women in general are very sharp and clear when they are choosing gifts at stationaries.

>Better in academics: It is generally found that women are better in academics and are good in studies than men. Well, they have marked some brilliant achievements which makes it evident that they are better in academics and research.

So, the above pointers signify the truth when women are better than men.


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