Do You Call Back When You Miss a Phone Call?

By First Posted: Mar 8, 2019 Fri 8:06 AM
Do You Call Back When You Miss a Phone Call?
Image Credit: Insuaga

What happens when you pick your phone and see you missed a call? If it's your mom who tried to call you, you call her back, right? But what do you do if you missed a call from an unknown number?

Most people, especially people who use their phones for work purposes, will return any calls they miss, even from unknown numbers. But with the increase in incidence of phone scams, this is fast becoming very dangerous. Experts say, if you miss a call, do not call back.

Often scammers are just trying to verify if the number is correct and attached to a real person. 

When you call them back, you make yourself susceptible to scams. Scam artists will use your own feelings like fear, anger, empathy etc to get money out of you! So unless you recognize a number, it is best to not return that call. If someone really needs to get in touch with you, they will either call you back or leave a message for you. 

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