Are You Ageing Faster than Others?

By First Posted: Mar 6, 2019 Wed 8:22 AM
Are You Ageing Faster than Others?
Image Credit: TED Ideas

Do you ever feel like you are older than your friends who are really the same age as you? Often we feel we are old if we are unable to keep up with othet people. When these people are actually same age as we are, it shows that our body is ageing at a quicker pace.

You are ageing faster than you should if you compare yourself with other people your age, and find that - 

- You are low on energy as compared to these people

- Your skin is exhibiting signs of ageing and theirs is not

- You find yourself lacking the passion and zeal that other people still have

- Your sight is declining fast but other people are still good with their eyes

- You find your reflexes slowing down but others are not having these problems

If there is nobody to compare yourself to, you can google this information. You can easily find what age your sight should start deteriorating etc. One thing is certain, age is not really an absolute number. It is how you feel plus the condition of your body.

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