Earth is Greener Today Than It Was 20 Years Ago!

By First Posted: Feb 28, 2019 Thu 7:11 AM
Earth is Greener Today Than It Was 20 Years Ago!
Image Credit: Ecologik

If you care about the earth and our environment, here is some good news. Nasan has revealed that our planet earth is greener than what it was 2 decades ago. Surprised?

You will be even more surprised when you find out that China and India have been credited with contributing the most to this greenifying of our planet! So how did we do it?

Nasa has revealed that this is a result of brining more area under cultivation and various tree planting projects in China. We have often been told that our large population (both India and China) is depleting the land and environment. But as this report shows, reality is very different. Nasa has been monitoring the foliage on earth using 2 satellites for more than 2 decades now. The imagery from these satellites shows that we have successfully managed to make our earth greener than 2 decades before.

This clearly proves that if we focus on protecting earth and its environment, there is a lot we can achieve.

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