Benefits of Switching to a Low Salt Diet

By First Posted: Feb 21, 2019 Thu 8:09 AM
Benefits of Switching to a Low Salt Diet
Image Credit: Radical Strength Coach

People are always talking about low salt or low Sodium diet. You will even find many food items in markets that are labelled as low salt. Even your regular table salt now comes in a low Sodium version. But what is the benefit of reducing salt or Sodium in diet? One benefit everyone knows is that it helps in controlling high blood pressure. But is that all?

Benefits of Reducing Salt Content in Your Diet

1. Controlling hypertension, as you already know!

2. Beneficial for people who have kidney disease. If kidneys are compromised, a low salt diet helps in making the job of kidneys easier.

3. Prevents certain types of cancer like Stomach cancer.

4. Recommendable for people with heart disease.

5. Most foods high in salt are not good for health anyway. Cutting them out is good for you!

6. Prevents water retention and bloating.

It is advisable that as we grow older, we should reduce our consumption of salt. This is especially true after 40.

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